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across our global community, people live in adverse circumstances: orphanages, sex trafficking, poverty, natural resource exploitation, the list goes on. we hear about these circumstances, but it's rare that we actually get the chance to meet the individuals effected.


this page is dedicated to the stories and names of our neighbors across the globe.

Portrait of Ugandan Orphan
Portrait of Ugandan Orphan

let's send these kids to school.

a generous donor has come forward to pledge $5,000 towards a matching fundraiser - you give $1, they give $1. If the campaign is successful, we will have $10,000 to support Derrick and the orphanage. 

we have two goals:

1. ~$6,000 to send all 52 kids to school for all of 2024. school is not free in Uganda. this will cover their school fees, plus school supplies. 

2. ~$4,000 to update their sleeping setup. the kids currently share 15, worn out sleeping mats - it's about 3 kids to 1 mat. we will get them new mats, blankets, and build them bunk beds to keep them sleeping safe and comfortable.

these aren't just names on a page, these are the names of 52 kids that live their lives at Everest Orphanage association. 

each one of the kids has a story: some have lost their families to aids, others to malaria; some parents are too poor to care for their kids; some fathers died in wars leaving single mothers with three kids.

every one of these kids has a story and every one has a name.

Derick Ssembusi

How It All Started

we were introduced to Derick in 2021. Derick runs an orphanage with 52 kids - most are orphans, some just stay there due to family circumstances. Derick lived as a homeless kid for nearly a decade after being exiled from his family. His goal in life: help others like himself - the forgotten kids of his community.

Group photo of the team that runs Everest Orphanage in Uganda
Portrait of the gentleman who runs Everest Orphanage in Uganda (Derrick)

"today brother, we fight diseases, we chase diseases"

one water filter can change the lives of an entire orphanage. watch as a team builds a clean water system for an orphanage in Uganda.



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