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the foster system, modern forms of slavery, the criminal justice system, and our society's homeless epidemic are all interconnected - and grossly misunderstood. 

we are a non-profit connecting people to marginalized through immersive storytelling.



we relate through stories.

the cornerstone of the nameless project lies in connecting communities through immersive storytelling. right now, in your community, there are people living on the streets, kiddos trapped in the foster system, women and children enslaved to trafficking rings, the list goes on.

our mission is to raise awareness and increase visibility to the realities of marginalized and unreached communities by providing a platform for individuals to share their story.


access to information.

you don't know what you don't know.

with so much data and information available on topics like homelessness, the foster system, human trafficking, etc., it can be an overwhelming challenge to feel like you're getting the whole picture.

by providing access to stories as well as up-to-date, well-researched data and statistics, we provide a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the problems faced by marginalized and unreached communities.



take a step in someone else's shoes.

the ultimate goal of the nameless project is to bring communities together and establish a conduit for building relational bridges between individuals throughout the city.

be that stepping into foster care, volunteering at a shelter, or buying someone on the street a cup of coffee. we want the stories and information you find here to bring you to a place of understanding and compassion; from there, we hope the decisions you make provide a positive benefit to your community.

homeless man looking out from his tent.


foster care.

human trafficking.


orphans in uganda playing in the water.


these problems don't just stop at our boarders. all across the globe, it's not hard to find communities shattered by genocide, child labor, natural resource exploitation, and a host of other human rights tragedies.

filmmaker filming orphans in Uganda.

who we are.

the nameless project is a non-profit focused on connecting people to marginalized communities through immersive storytelling. 

Ugandan orphan laying on deteriorated bed mats on floor
Ugandan Orphan writing in chalk on concrete floor.
Two Ugandan orphans reading bible.

let's send these kids to school.

we're fundraising to send 52 kids at Everest orphanage to school.

one kid is $15/month.

this is their ticket out of poverty.



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