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people matter.

homelessness, foster care, human trafficking, incarceration - all of these are inter-related.

the question we get asked the most is, "what is the answer?"

it starts with getting to know some names.

kids in care


this is the total number of kids that engaged with the foster system in 2021. on any given night there is ~391,000 kiddos in care.

foster care & human trafficking


of victims of human trafficking were involved in the child welfare system.

homeless & prison

1 in 3

adults in custody had an episode of homelessness within two months of incarceration.

foster care & homelessness


kiddos at 18 leave the child welfare system and become homeless each year.

3+ placements


children in the child welfare system in 2021 had three or more placements. children who have been in care longer than 24 months have a 60% likelihood of having 3+ placements.

foster care & prison


of foster youth with 5+ placements will enter the criminal justice system

there are countless people hurting.

right now.

in your city.

Homeless woman looking off camera while holding a sandwitch.

1. it's all related

homelessness, human trafficking, the child welfare system, and the criminal justice system are all interconnected; each one is a conduit into the other. as soon as someone enters one of these communities, their likelihood of bouncing between the others increases drastically.

2. it starts with kids

the child welfare system can be a place where restoration happens: parents access services, kiddos find forever homes, families are reunited, etc.. unfortunately, the odds are not stacked in a child's favor. the foster system is a pipeline into homelessness, human trafficking, the criminal justice system, trauma, and attachment disorders.

3. break the cycle

getting out of these communities is a long hard road. we often tell people that "homeless" is an unfortunate moniker because the lack of a home is hardly the problem. to get out, individuals have to overcome addiction, abuse, service trauma, emotional trauma, lack of education, isolation, and an overwhelmed system.

4. trauma abounds

when you see someone on the street or coming out of prison, instead of asking, "what did you do" try asking "what happened to you". when the teacher asked the 1st grade class what they wanted to be when the grow up, no one said "homeless;" something happened along the way: trauma.

how do you come into this?

people matter. stories matter. your compassion matters. here are the key points to think about when looking at the interconnectedness of these communities. 


foster care.

human trafficking.


the foster system, modern forms of slavery, the criminal justice system, and our society's homeless epidemic are all interconnected - and grossly misunderstood. 



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