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it all started

with a name.


where we began.




there was a man sweeping the concrete in front of his tent beneath an overpass on I-5; he was surrounded by over a hundred other shelters and homeless individuals, but he stood out. he was doing something i do every morning: sweep my home. this man is just like me, has the same basic needs as me; he lives in my community, and i don't know his name.

the nameless project started at that red light under the market street overpass. 

Homeless woman holding up a photo of her son.
filmmaker filming kids dancing at an orphanage in Uganda.
homeless man looking out from his tent.

the nameless project started with homelessness, a desire to tell stories, and a fascination with connecting data to the real world.

homelessness is a top of the mind issue on the west coast (where we're based) - california, oregon, and washington have some of the highest populations of homeless individuals in the country. so we would hear a lot about homelessness, but never anything about homeless people - we wanted to change that.

in 2019 we started combing through the data, statistics, and current narratives surrounding homelessness. we quickly learned three things:

  1. the data collection methods are horribly unreliable

  2. homelessness, foster care, human trafficking, and incarceration are undeniably intertwined

  3. these are problems that can't be changed with legislation alone, we need to go learn some names

almost five years later, our goal is connecting people to marginalized communities through immersive storytelling. our hope is that this will stir you and your community to get involved with bringing about change in your city.

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meet the creators.

we are a small team of passionate individuals that feel called to bring about change through storytelling.

President  /




Brooke is the heart behind the project and the vision that keeps us moving forward. Brooke has immense passion for kids and changing lives.

creative director / 




nameless project creative director.

Bryce is our creative director, cinematographer, and ex-math nerd. Bryce has a background in applied math, with a passion for telling stories.

board member /




nameless project photographer and editor.

Ryan has been working and living as a photographer for 25+ years. He's taken cameras all over the world, from remote tribes in Brazil to his hometown of Twin Falls

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monthly update.

we host a monthly live stream update on our YouTube where we share what we've been working on and what is coming up. This is also a great place to ask questions and have them answered live.


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Tel: 503.877.7309

EIN: 93-2912034

we've got nothing to hide.

all of our financials - money in, out, and through - are open and available to the public.

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