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let’s talk about numbers:

6 per 1,000

oregon has 2x the national per capita average of youth in the foster system.


youth were removed from their homes in 2022 - that is 5 every day, 365 days a year.


youth spent at least one day in the foster system in 2022.

send hope.




send hope's mission is to support foster kiddos and families in Salem-Keizer through the first 48-hours hours of placement by delivering meals and tangible essentials necessary to support everyone in the first few days of a new placement.  

if you would like to bless us, foster kiddos, and foster families with a financial gift used to purchase items that serve foster families and foster kiddos, you can access our giving page using the link. everything donated on the send hope page goes directly towards the send hope program.

foster kiddos

when kiddos come into care, they often enter with nothing but the clothes on their backs - no PJs, nightlight, tooth brush, nothing. it can take 3-5 days for clothing vouchers and other resources to be sorted out. send hope fills the gap by meeting the day-of needs to help these kids feel safe and comfortable in their new home.

foster families

no matter how prepared you think you are, when a new kiddo enters your home, it's chaotic. everyone is adjusting and your attention needs to be on the kids, not making dinner or trying to find a spare toothbrush. send hope provides the immediate tangible needs of the new kiddos in the home and the family as a whole. 


as a foster parent or foster child, it can be hard to feel seen and heard. the items send hope delivers don't just meet tangible needs, they help remind the kiddos and their families that they are not alone - there is a community of supporters gathered around them who want them to succeed.


how does this work?

you said "yes"


as soon as a new child is placed in your home - or as soon as you've said "yes" to a child - contact us.

we pack


based off the responses on your form, we pack a bag and prepare a meal for your family and your new kiddo.

we deliver


within 2-3 hours one of our volunteers will deliver a bag for your new kiddo and a meal.

you have what you need


no more worrying about finding a toothbrush or a late night trip to walmart for underwear, or what to cook for dinner, we've got that covered.

need support?

if you or someone you know needs a care package from send hope, please fill out the form below or call/text us, we will be in touch asap.





the first 48 hours of a new placement are stressful.

send hope was born out of experience. in two years, we had 7 kids come into our home - some for just a night, some are still with us. the first 48 hours are stressful. one of our placements, a six year old girl, came to us in her 4 year old sisters pullup, a PJ gown, with only a stuffed bear; no night light, no clothes for the next day, no hair care products. after we finally got dinner made and kids to bed, one of us made an 11:00pm walmart run. this is a common experience for many foster parents and kiddos; we want to help alleviate some of that stress.

what's in a care package?

the care packages are meant to help support foster kiddos and foster families in the first 48 hours of care. they come with essentials: underwear, socks, day clothes, PJs, tooth brush, games/sensory toys, a night light, etc. they always come with a fresh or frozen meal. you can read our full list here.

my church/small group/sports team/coworkers want donate. how do we do that?

great! thank you! there are so many ways to get involved - packing care packages, delivering, collecting donations - the best way to start is contacting us.

we've had a placement for more than 48 hours, can we still request?

great question! in general, no. with so many kiddos coming into care each day, we feel it's best to allocate our resources to meeting those immediate needs. however, if you still need help, please reach out, we may be able to connect you to other resources. 

what condition must items be in?

items need to be either new or like new. we don't want kiddos to feel like they are getting "left overs". used items are 100% okay as long as they are in good condition. some items do need to be brand new and in packaging: underwear, hygiene products, formula, etc.

we live outside salem-keizer, will you still deliver? 

our volunteers work tremendously hard to deliver meals and care packages. in most cases, we are not currently able to deliver items outside of the salem-keizer area. if you have a need, please reach out and we will try to help.

what items are we looking for?

we are looking for new or like new items that can be used to support foster kiddos and families in the first 48 hours of placement: socks, underwear, day clothes, coloring books, the list goes on! you can see the full list here.

what ages do you serve?

we have items for kiddos ages any youth that may come into your care.

what items are we not looking for?

we don't want to sound stingy, but there are some items we don't want: slime, Play-Doh, markers (unless for teens), paint, perishable foods, kinetic sand, and anything that looks used. 

how long does it take for a care package to be delivered?

from the time you request, our goal is to have a care package to you in 3-4 hours. if you request late at night or on the weekend, it may take a little longer. 


there are always questions.

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